Introducing Last Draft


It is with immense excitement that we announce the official launch of Last Draft.

Last Draft is a relationship focused marketing and communication agency. Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for clients by helping them create positive and impactful first impressions.

We work to support a range of clients, from tech startup CEOs to vegan cheese manufacturers, and pilates instructors to arts and culture non-profits. We provide a variety of digital marketing and strategic communication services, including business writing and content creation, grant and proposal writing, pitch deck development, media releases, and press kits.

We’re passionate about working with organizations and people who want to leave a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Our Story

Last Draft was founded in early 2018 and has grown from a one-person writing and editing business to a full-service agency.

Stories are central to Last Draft’s work and vision. We are grounded in a firm belief that stories are the catalysts of technological development, economic progress, social evolution, and positive change.

Last Draft started out working full-time for the Silicon Valley-based tech company CEO Coaching firm, CEO Quest. There, we executed sales and marketing strategies, supporting the company through various iterations.  Over the course of the first year, we started to work with more clients, including the Edinburgh-based tech conference, Turing Fest, the London, ON based cashew-cheese company, Nuts for Cheese, as well as other Ontario-based businesses and not-for-profits like Connexion, Bend Bus, and At The Mat.

We offer a generalist approach to marketing, recognizing the need to support small businesses and startups where they are right now, within a budget and scope they can manage. We often take on project-based or hourly assignments and are open to partnering with other marketing and media companies to provide execution support and project management within our areas of expertise.

When asked to pigeon-hole ourselves, we come back to stories — we are writers, wordsmiths, and communications professionals. We believe words are powerful and should be used purposefully and with care.

Our Team

Our team consists of professional writers, researchers, and designers with expertise in business development, design, marketing, and communications. We are flexible, dynamic, and committed to being ahead of marketing and communication trends. We work with clients locally and internationally, across different time zones and languages.

The Last Draft team is small but mighty, with three full-time staff and an army of contractors.

Jacob Sandler, our CEO & Founder, is an avid entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories and building service-based companies that help others achieve their goals. His first company, Last Draft Editors, has helped more than 50 Canadian doctors obtain residency positions in top choice specialties. Jacob is also an avid craft beer enthusiast, hence the name, Last Draft (he’s also a fan of puns).

Laura Thorne, our Creative Director, is a communication and information professional passionate about storytelling and community building. A strategic thinker and former librarian, Laura is a talented researcher and continuously utilizes analytics to improve returns on investment. She writes for and volunteers as the Fundraising Director for LondonFuse, an arts and culture publication.  

Anabelle Budd, our Content Manager, is a talented writer adept at adapting her writing to her audience, having held roles in media, international organizations, and nonprofits. As founder of Connexion, a social-wellness project, Anabelle is passionate about creating, curating, and crowdsourcing content that inspires us to build intentional communities.

Our Approach

We begin every client relationship with a consultation. As our beer-inspired name implies, by working with us, you can relax.

Go have a drink. We'll take care of it.

Contact us to learn about how we can support your organization. And keep up with us on social media. Typical millennials, we’re all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.