Introducing Jacob Sandler

Hillary Watson

May 1, 2020

“Stories are existential. Not just inseparable from the way we communicate and play out our lives, but actually the very basis of our existence.”
Jacob Sandler, Founder + CEO

From the moment I met Jacob, I knew he was a dreamer and a creator. I first began speaking to him when he was car-camping through Iceland. He would write me novels in the form of text messages and I began to discover an artist and an open-hearted communicator.

Communication has been the backbone of our friendship, partnership, and work relationship. Not only does Jacob have a knack for verbally expressing his thoughts and feelings, but he creates an environment in which you can’t help but do the same. I’ve discovered how highly I value that. I can also see how well that benefits Jacob in his line of work. He pulls the authenticity to the surface, whether it’s corporate content dripping with words I’m still trying to wrap my head around, a meaningful piece of written art, or simply a good, old-fashioned chin-wag over a great cup of coffee.

Jacob has a joyous and inspired energy about him when he talks about the things he’s working on. It’s contagious. He is able to put his whole self into the things he creates. I catch him noticing the little details of the day, the nuances, the way the sunlight hits a tree, the way a flock of swallows moves in sync. I can tell Jacob is soaking it all up like a sponge and then moving to incorporate the beauty he sees in what he creates.

It’s been a short stab in time that Jacob and I have been trying our hands at working together, alongside his close friend from university, Lena Slanisky, and soon, my bandmate Renee Coughlin. We’re excitedly entering a new world of collaboration and creation and constantly learning from one another.

Jacob is building a business that not only embodies his dreams and creations, but that also embodies a desire for connection and an exploration of how communication can bring us all closer together.

Jacob is a writer, editor, and avid producer of physical and digital media. He founded Last Draft in early 2018 while working as an Associate for the Silicon Valley-based CEO advisory firm, CEO Quest. His first company, Last Draft Editors (2016–2019), helped more than 50 Canadian doctors obtain residency positions in top choice specialties.

Jacob holds a combined honours BA in English & Canadian Studies from Dalhousie University. He received the University Medal in Canadian Studies for highest academic standing.

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