Introducing Lena Slanisky

Jacob Sandler

April 25, 2020

“Stories bring people together in the most universal ways and the most minuscule. They are both finite and infinite, reminding us how connected we inevitably are.” – Lena Slanisky, Content Manager, Last Draft

Within the context of the radical changes impacting day to day life right now, I’m looking for sources of inspiration and things to feel excited about. This is one of them.

It’s with a massive amount of joy that I get to formally introduce my close friend Lena Slanisky as Content Manager at Last Draft.

In the midst of this pandemic, we have found a way to collaborate from afar.

And we are creating.

From Montreal, QC, to London, ON — far enough that we hardly see each other even when life is normal — Lena and I are more in touch now than we’ve been since I was sleeping on her couch in Halifax during her last semester of college. There’s nothing like beer and pizza to feed the dreams of young creatives. Because yes, even then, we had dreams. And while they weren’t exactly this, they weren’t exactly far from this either.

It seems like we’ve grown up since Lena was calling me on my bullshit over pitchers at The Grad House, on Dalhousie’s main campus in Halifax, NS, where we both completed our undergrads. It seems like we’ve come into ourselves professionally in the years since sitting in fiction workshopping classes together too, both of us honing our crafts. Lena is now a speedy and concise writer and reporter, and an even more badass digital strategist.

She was bold and sharp with her wit to begin with and has only become more articulate since college. And more confident. A self-described internet renaissance woman — Lena certainly knows how to hustle.

She is a poet, director, writer, and creative collaborator. As a reporter for a Montreal-based media outlet, Lena penned articles that resulted in over 9 million unique page views. As a copywriter for solopreneurs, Lena has managed marketing initiatives that have driven over $1M revenue. Her time working in both theatre and experiential marketing has honed an adept skill for facilitating and creating distinct and dynamic content.

Lena is an award-winning director, published fiction writer, and graduate of Dalhousie University’s Creative Writing program. Find her online writing for your favourite entrepreneur or on Instagram + Twitter at @lvbs.

Jacob Sandler

Jacob is the Founder of Last Draft Inc. He is a writer, editor, and avid producer of physical and digital media.

Jacob holds a combined honours BA in English & Canadian Studies from Dalhousie University. He received the University Medal in Canadian Studies for highest academic standing.

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