a wash

Lena Slanisky

April 19, 2020

a wash

or self-portrait as amateur poet, amateur catherinette

the sky looks the same
as the last time i fell in love
the last time this city was mine
as i turn, it burns
awash in brake lights

look to the window
same view
framed, feeble
structured inspiration

insomnia, sleepwalking
i don’t go anywhere
playing chess matches against myself
not even striking up smoke

only words i’ve
forgotten how to spell
animus arrested
silent, lock-jaw screams

then one
my nails start
to catch
on my clothes

so i’ve taught myself
to be understanding
when my stuff
goes places without me

ricochet between
suffocation of self
and the unassailable bloom
within solitude

little rebellion, small success
to let the pot boil over —
i just had to stop
and write it down

Lena is the Content Manager at Last Draft Inc.

She is a poet, director, and all-around Internet Renaissance woman, living in Montreal. Her time working in both theatre and experiential marketing has honed an adept skill for facilitating and creating distinct and dynamic content for online solopreneurs, tech CEOs, and small businesses alike.

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