In God's Name

Shaa Bailey

August 30, 2020

The World has never been too kind to us.
Ignorance often trails behind us like a lost child.
As she is she
& I am me.


But look!
There is a peace here.
A peace that is present
& still.
I have found solace in a Woman.
& rightly so,
For the Women who raised me,
have led me to her.
& the ancestors who have come and lived before us,
have held our hands to their mouths,
& prayed on our behalf.
Our Love is sanctified. Thus, when I speak of her,
their hymns tickle at my eardrums like butterfly wings.
& my belly fills with 1,425 Monarchs at the very sight of her.

“GOD IS A WOMAN,” I cry.

There is no love greater, than the love of a Woman.
There is no love greater, then the love of you, woman.
Bless-ed am I to have stumbled upon you.

Shaa Bailey

Shaa Bailey is a Caribbean-Canadian poet and author. Bailey self-published her debut book of poetry, The Art of Ambivalence, in July 2018. The Art of Ambivalence transverses the realms of identity, specifically her Caribbean heritage, her struggle with spirituality, and coming into her sexual identity.

You can find Shaa Bailey on Instagram and Twitter.

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