Hillary Watson

May 24, 2020

Sometimes the paper writes it for me.
Sometimes the music plays itself.
Sometimes my dreams are the way I choose to speak.
Sometimes I listen to myself.

Sometimes my lips paint in colours.
Sometimes the colours paint my lips.
Sometimes my tongue melts the words before I say them,
Moulding and reshaping ’til they fit.

Sometimes I question if you know me.
Sometimes I question if you’re there.
Sometimes my mind screams louder than anything you say.
Sometimes the hush catches me unaware.

Sometimes I question if I’m honest.
Sometimes I question if I’m kind.
Sometimes it all slips through my fingers.
Sometimes I can see when I am blind.

Hillary is a singer-songwriter, illustrator, tattoo artist, and multi-disciplinary creative. She is a classically trained musician and a member of the London-based 3-part harmony folk group, The Pairs.

She is also the illustrator behind Last Draft’s Instagram art at @lastdraftinc, and the organizer of the music video series, Living Room Sessions.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what we’re doing at The Last Draft or Last Draft Inc., follow us on, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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