The Millennial Haikus: Scene VII

Teddy Elliott

May 17, 2020

The tattooed girl sits
with bare feet on the carpet.
Does her heart still work?


Newspapers, coffee,
she groans at the sight of them,
he left his boxer shorts.


Who knows about it?
they whisper.


On Rachel street,
they get high on
poutine and love bites.


He’s on his knees thinking:
there’s nothing sexier than a girl
with an axe.


Autumn turns to winter:
and he gets thirsty
every time he thinks of you.

This set of haikus is an excerpt from a longer poetry project.

Haiku is often defined as an expression of temporary enlightenment. However, this a modern world, where everything is temporary, floating in the endless void of social media, apathy, and “the feed”.

Where do we find enlightenment if not in nature? Are we enlightened by moments of physical and emotional feelings? Are we enlightened by the machine? What is possible anymore?

The Millennial Haikus attempt to answer these questions.

Millennial Haikus are for everything and nothing. Millennial Haikus can make you laugh and cry. Millennial Haikus exist but don’t exist.

The Millennial Haikus urge you to find your enlightenment in the void.

Teddy Elliot is a journalist and author from Montreal, Quebec. You can find him covering local news and culture for Narcity & MTL Blog. His creative work can be found in (parenthetical) and The Blasted Tree. He rests his bones in Verdun with a grumpy cat named Ashur.

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