Living Room Sessions Ep. 3: Renee Coughlin

Hillary Watson

May 8, 2020

The Living Room Sessions is a video series that explores the sense of human connection music and art provide. The videos feature musicians sharing two songs and telling a story.

For Renee, music speaks a language that words themselves can never fully describe. Greeting each stage and microphone with an open and eager heart, Renee brings an authentically lighthearted energy that quickly becomes endearing to audiences. She strives to write music that creates space for human beings to bond over shared experiences of hope, hilarity and hardship. Her songs and stories tell tales of complex inner dialogue and give playful attention to the complexities and nuances of daily life.

Inspired by the likes of Sarah Harmer, Ani DiFranco and The Dixie Chicks, Renee writes and performs spunky, uplifting melodies that inspire deep reflection, change and joy within communities. She combines an inherent love of music nurtured in her early childhood with classical training and some playful experimentation with lifelong friends to create unique audience experiences.

A photo of Renee Coughlin, Canadian Singer-Songwriter and member of the Canadian folk band, The Pairs, based out of London, Ontario. Renee is also the host of the podcast “The Savvy Artist” produced by Last Draft Inc.

The Living Room Sessions is presented by Last Draft Inc., a London, ON-based personal brand management and content writing company that aims to amplify authenticity online.

We see ourselves in each other and by sharing narrative and personal experience, we have the opportunity to empathize and understand one another. Through The Last Draft, our team looks to create a virtual space for artists to share their work from their own environment. Stories can be shared through a multitude of mediums and the Living Room Sessions is a stage that has been set to take viewers into artists’ homes, histories, and imaginations.

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