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Episode 2: A Stage to Diversity

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January 22, 2021

Mercedes Caxaj, Co-artistic Director of Sunfest, one of North America’s largest “world music” festivals, speaks to prioritizing diversity and inclusivity in a shifting musical landscape and the hope she has for a collaborative future.

Sunfest is “not just a festival.” As one of the country’s largest world music festivals, Sunfest aims to present diversity, be an educational platform, promote inclusivity, and above all, bridge the gaps that exist between the City of London and the culture that lives there. Daughter of the organization’s founder, Mercedes Caxaj grew up with Sunfest being a prominent part of her life and sees the opportunities that the organization can provide for talent in countries around the world that may face challenges in entering international markets.

Tune into Episode 2 of “From Starving to Savvy” to hear how this completely free festival is constantly working to provide accessibility for performers and patrons a-like.

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