Angelica Zagorski

Content Specialist

“Our best stories are the central complications of our lives.”

Angelica is a journalist, writer, photographer, and graphic designer who recently completed a Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities at Carleton University. She is an expert at diving into complex systems and exposing them from the inside out. Through her journalism, she works to advocate for human rights and environmental rights.

You can find Angelica surfing the Great Lakes, or photographing diverse ecosystems across Canada. Angelica founded her first company in 2020, Mind Ur Bees which aims to promote sustainable, accessible, environmentally conscious products like surf wax. A portion of each purchase goes towards the Canadian Bee Research Fund.

Areas of Expertise

Investigative Journalism
Exegetical writing


Honours Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities (HonsB.J.Hum), Carleton University.

Headshot of  Angelica Zagorski

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