Lena Slanisky

COO + Digital Strategist

“Stories bring people together in the most universal ways and the most minuscule. They are both finite and infinite, reminding us how connected we inevitably are.”

Lena is an award-winning director, published fiction writer, and poet with a passion for projects. Her time working in both theatre and experiential marketing has honed an adept skill for managing and facilitating distinct and dynamic work that truly connects with audiences.

As a Senior Editor for Montreal-based media outlet MTL Blog, Lena managed a team of fellow writers and editors, while penning articles that resulted in over 9 million unique page views. As a freelance copywriter, she has managed marketing initiatives that resulted in over $1M in revenue. These days, her energy is put to good use keeping the Last Draft team happy while delivering high-quality work to our clients.

Et oui, elle parle aussi français.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management

Team Building 

Automation & Efficiency

Content Strategy



Honours Bachelor of Arts (HonsBA), English & Creative Writing, Dalhousie University.

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