Morgan O'Brien

Chief Product Officer

“Stories underpin what it means to be human; without them, there is no path to understanding one another, no compassion, no empathy.”

Morgan is a writer, researcher, artist, and photographer. In each of her creative endeavours, she pushes herself to explore new possibilities and challenge her assumptions, leading to a diverse portfolio of work. Her passion for understanding people’s experiences and perspectives drove her to pursue two degrees in sociocultural anthropology, where she learned about everything from palliative care to Indigenous ways of knowing. Her experience in human-centered research allows her to gain deep insight into the needs and perspectives of her clients in order to craft incredibly thoughtful work tailored to each unique business.

Morgan received the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada graduate scholarship for her research on the cultivation of data in the would-be world of a smart city. She continues to explore ideas surrounding AI ethics and the human side of technology in the hopes of one day influencing the social implications of autonomous technology.

Areas of Expertise





Artificial Intelligence / Big Data


Master of Arts (MA), Sociocultural Anthropology, The University of Toronto.

Honours Bachelor of Arts (HonsBA), Anthropology, McMaster University.

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