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"Working with Last Draft over the past three years has been invaluable. The content strategies they executed expanded our reach and helped us form several strategic partnerships. Their superior writing skills helped bolster our position as company-building experts."

Tom Mohr

CEO Quest, Founder

“Last Draft has been an invaluable partner in helping us develop our brand positioning and content marketing strategies. They take the time to listen, understand and research our point of view, resulting in high quality content that’s written in our voice.”

Bob Bausmith

Accelerate Innovation, Founder

“Working with Last Draft is a huge help to our team. Jacob and Lena understand the space Concord works in and proactively recommend content that fits our strategy. They consistently provide timely, relevant content and go above and beyond to make the process easier on me!”

Natalie Sheffield

Concord USA, Director of Marketing

Having a business in a niche part of an industry of which many are unaware, utilizing the skills provided by Last Draft has been an excellent decision. Jacob and his team, who did their own research, were able to provide marketing material that was articulated concisely. They are also delightful to work with. POW Translations highly recommends their service.

Leigh Ann Jackson

POW Translations, Managing Director – Operations

"It is not always easy to tell your story. Sometimes it feels too private, and sometimes it's just hard to see how all the pieces fit together. Working with Georgia from Last Draft was a wonderful experience. She was able to craft a journey outlining how our personal history merged into a two-person company. And it made sense! We would recommend Last Draft to anyone who feels a bit lost and might need some extra help to put the pieces together. "

Shahed Shafazand & Moah Christensen

Shift-Catalysts Consulting, Co-Founders

Many social entrepreneurs do not choose their profession, they are pushed or pulled into it as a result of their passion and frustration. This journey can sometimes be difficult to articulate [...] Last Draft did an excellent job in simply listening to my story and my journey, and translating that into something that can be used on a variety of platforms.

Hillary Scanlon

STIL Solutions, Founder & CEO

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Last Draft for the success story of Amintro, the social impact company I founded. The interview felt more like two friends catching up over coffee than an interview, and the resulting article profoundly captured my story and the origins of Amintro.

Charlene Nadalin

Amintro, Founder & CEO

Working with Last Draft has been energetic, fun, and full of forward momentum. Their work is always well done and their editing skills are unparalleled.

Donny Dye

Quota NYC, Founder + CEO


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