Last Draft



Last Draft is a relationship-focused marketing & communication agency.

We produce branded media and content strategies that help startups scale and secure funding.

We are founded in a firm belief that stories are the catalysts of technological development, economic progress, social evolution, and positive change.

We produce standout stories that engage and connect.

Whether you are pitching to investors, applying for grants, or fundraising, you need a strong story that highlights and showcases your business. That’s where we come in.


All of our work is custom-tailored to target the market segments most relevant for your business. Our core services include:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Business Writing & Content Creation

  • Grant & Proposal Writing

  • Pitch Deck Development

  • Executive Summaries & One-Pagers

  • CVs, Resumés, and Personal Profiles

  • Media & Press Kits

Our strategies leverage both storytelling and analytics to help our clients achieve their goals.

Your focus is on growing your business. Our focus is on helping you tell your story.

Our team consists of professional writers, researchers, and designers with expertise in business development, design, marketing, and communications.

We’ll weave your startup’s origin story into a compelling narrative that you can lean on to generate traction.

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Last Draft believes narratives are at the core of who we are as human beings.

nar·ra·tive /ˈnerədiv/ n. the connection of carefully selected events, information, or experiences to support or explain a particular concept.

  • Countless studies have demonstrated that our reliance on stories and storytelling is a deeply engrained evolutionary trait.

  • The human brain is predisposed to think in stories. We are brought up, entertained, and educated by them.

  • Stories shape how we see ourselves, others, and the world, as well as how others perceive us.

  • The stories we repeat define what we're capable of and what we value.

Find out why we think words are powerful.